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Blessing Of a Wedding Ceremony

A Wedding Blessing is a lovely way to have a ceremony with family and friends if you would like to have a blessing following your legal ceremony.

It may be you have chosen to get married legally with only a few witnesses or close family. You may have chosen to to elope or get married abroad with your partner, but may still wish to share the vows and promises you have made to one another with the people who have been an important part of your life. You may have chosen to have a church ceremony but would also like something in your day that is written for you as a couple and focuses on your love and life together. Alternatively you may wish to have a blessing so you can include a religious element in your day following a ceremony with the registrar. You may just want to have a short ceremony so you can mark the day in a place that is special to you because it is is where you met a got engaged or holds a special family connection. Whatever the reason if you are looking for a simple ceremony that focuses on your love and the life you have chosen to spend together a Wedding Blessing may be perfect for you.

A blessing is symbolic ceremony that follows a legal ceremony and can follow straight after but can also be a few days, weeks or even months after your legal ceremony, there is no time restriction, it is about making the moment right for you. It is a personal and unique ceremony which is written for you and focused around your love and life together, however unlike a Wedding or Civil partnership Ceremony a blessing is a shorter simpler ceremony, that focuses on blessing your wedding and marriage.

You can exchange rings or just have your rings blessed. You may decide you want to do a special ceremony instead of a ring exchange such as a sand ceremony which symbolises your lives becoming one and adds another special moment to your day. The ceremony can be held wherever you wish, whether this is indoor or outdoors, in a venue, a garden or even a family home. It can be a traditional ceremony with an aisle, but can also be relaxed and informal, in a very simple location such as on the beach with just you and your guests, and the sea and sand as your decorations. It can even be held at your wedding reception with guests seated and relaxed so you can start your meal or wedding celebration as soon as your blessing finishes.

As your celebrant I would make sure that your blessing reflects you as a couple and your love and I would meet with you to discuss all of this in detail, making sure that your ceremony is perfect for you.

'Your Ceremony, Your Way'

Wedding Ceremony - ”We just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work leading up to the ceremony! It was wonderful to have you there with us on the day and thought you did a fantastic job. You kept us calm and gave us a chance to build a ceremony which was uniquely ours. We could not have asked for anything better. “

Handfasting Ceremony - “We just want to say a massive thank you for the ceremony and for all your support on the run up to it. All of our guests commented on what a lovely ceremony it was and that it was just perfect for us. You made it a day to remember for us, so thank you! Many thanks Zoe and Dan”.