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Special Ceremonies you may like to include in your day...

Balloon Release

This may be something you wish to do as a couple or as a family, however it is also a ceremony you can involve all your guests in where they release a balloon with all their well wishes for you.

Messages can be ties to the balloon or released as they are to represent this.

Ring Warming Ceremony

A ring warming is very special way that you can involve all your family and friends in your special day. Its a chance for them to bless or infuse your rings with their love and well wishes for your marriage. If you have lots of guests you may wish for them to warm the rings as they arrive but you can also make the ring warming a part of the ceremony. Family and friends who may not be able to be there on the day can also be a special part of this ceremony, 'warming' your rings before your big day.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

During the ceremony you may wish to light a unity candle, taking a flame from your own candle and lighting the unity candle together which represents your lives becoming one. You can also include another candle for those who cannot be with us on the day but who would have loved to have been there.

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a beautiful way for couple to symbolise their lives coming together, it is also a ceremony that can involve children if you are bringing two families together. The sand is poured into a vase or bottle that is a lasting reminder of your special day and is as unique as your love. You can use sand from a special place, while different colours have different meanings so you may want to choose a colour that expresses you.

Letters in a Bottle

Letters in a bottle is a lovely personal ceremony in which you can seal your vows or love letters to each other with all the reasons you have chosen to spend your lives together in a bottle. They can be read during the ceremony or kept private and sealed in any bottle from champagne to a whisky bottle, until a significant time or special anniversary comes when you can chose to open the bottle and read the vows or letters that you wrote to each other.

A Rose or Flower Ceremony

The Rose or flower giving ceremony is something that can include family and friends or just be a romantic gesture between the bride and groom. A Rose is traditionally given as in the past it was considered a symbol of love and a single rose always meant only one thing – it meant the words “I love you.” however

different flowers have difference meanings and different colours have different meanings so we can make your rose or flower ceremony as unique as your love.

Jewellery Giving Ceremony

While you may wish to have the exchange or rings during your ceremony, if you have children or families that you are bringing together, you may also want to include them in a jewellery giving ceremony. This can be any jewellery you wish but is something special that represents not only that you are joining your lives together and choosing to spend your lives together but that they are also a very special part of your lives and the love that you share.

Release of Doves

White Doves symbolise love, peace and hope, and as a way to mark the your journey and your love you may wish to release doves at the end of the ceremony, marking the vows and promises you have made, your new beginning as a married couple or your commitments to one another as you declare that you have chosen to spend your lives together.

Butterfly Release

The butterfly symbolises rebirth, new beginnings and new journeys, as a couple or as a family you may wish to incorporate a butterfly release into your day symbolising the journey that you are taking as partners or as a family, celebrating new beginnings and all the adventures to come.


"His service just summed up who he was, and was exactly what he would have wanted"

(Celebration of Life).

"A truly unique send off"

(Said about using wine gums at a Burial)

"Thank you for the sensitive way that you dealt with a very devastated family. We have received so many lovely comments from friends and family”.

(Celebration of Life)